Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy

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Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy focuses on the prevention, rehabilitation, and compensation of people with pathology or injury to the heart and lungs. Usually the symptoms that these people experience is shortness of breath, fluid retention, wheezing, increased mucous production, a cough or a reduced ability to exercise. Treatments consist of external mechanical techniques, such as chest percussion, postural drainage, and vibration. Which assist in the movement and clearance of secretions. Your Physiotherapist will also give education and advice on techniques to improve shortness of breath, energy conservation and improved exercise tolerance.

Who Can Benefit

People who have: Cystic fibrosis, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (i.e. emphysema, Bronchiectasis, etc), Pulmonary fibrosis or reduced cardiac function (from heart-attack or cardiac valve regurgitation) would benefit from Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy.


Some of the treatments performed include; exercise training, breathing strategies, education on your lung disease or condition and how to manage it.

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